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Tom Mower Sr.
Rain forests
of the World
It is estimated that our earth's rainforests house 40 to 75% of all species, and that many more millions of those plants, insects, and microorganisms are still undiscovered. With the recent medical breakthroughs, the rainforests, especially tropical, have been referred to as the "jewels of the earth" and are thought of as providing the world with the "largest pharmacy." Along with the obvious health benefits to mankind, rainforests also supply 28% of the world's oxygen. Clearly, the delicate balance of the earth's ecosystem is interdependent with how well or how poorly it is treated by men.
As the human population grows, the square mileage of the world's rainforests diminishes. It is estimated that almost 90% of West Africa's rainforest has been destroyed, while the Amazon deforestation jumped by 69% in 2008 compared to 2007, and Madagascar has lost nearly two thirds of its original rainforest since the arrival of man. Sadly, if the deforestation continues at the present rate, tropical rainforests in Indonesia will be logged out in ten years, and it will take between thirteen and sixteen years for Papua New Guinea.
Biologists have estimated that possibly more than 50,000 different species are being driven to extinction in the rainforests. E. O. Wilson, an astute biologist at Harvard University and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for General Non-Fiction, validates what other biologists' are currently claiming. He asserts that "a quarter or more of all species on Earth could be exterminated within 50 years due to the removal of habitat with destruction of the rainforests."
With such a dire forecast for our earth's rainforests, everyone needs to step up and put a stop to the irresponsible destruction of the earth that maintains our very existence. SISEL is making a dramatic difference by "stepping in" and working hard to safeguard our earth's fragile environments.