About ESF

The valuable life lessons learned while growing up on a farming ranch have given Tom Mower Sr. a profound respect for every living thing. His early training still permeates every facet of his life. His long-standing commitment to improve health and overall quality of life while safeguarding people and the environment is what Mr. Mower has most recently coined "SISEL Safe." This philosophy is the driving force behind all his products, and now it is the underpinning of the Earth Stewardship Foundation.

Tom's deep love and respect for nature and wildlife has driven him to actively support the responsible treatment and preservation of wildlife and its environment for most of his life. As Tom's success soared, so did his philanthropy, and the dwindling numbers of very rare animals like the Sumatran Rhino, Siberian Tiger, European Red Deer, and African Elephant have all been benefactors of his compassion. When hearing of the near extinction of the American White Buffalo, Tom bought a ranch solely dedicated to the conservation of this majestic animal and its habitat.

More than twenty years ago, a simple documentary on orphanages led Tom to find and fund projects that have been improving the lives of disadvantaged, helpless children. One such project took place many years ago in St. Petersburg, Russia. Through concerned Distributors, he happened to hear of a school for handicapped children that was providing love and safety, but the kind-hearted women who started the program were desperately poor. Although there was an abundance of love, food and other provisions were meager.

When hearing of their plight, Tom immediately flew to their aid. He bought decent beds, furniture, and toys, and donated safe products to improve their daily hygiene and health. Huge containers of shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and toothpaste were contributed year after year. Eventually his exemplary leadership caught the attention of the government, and now this school enjoys the support and funding of the government as well.

Tom's lifelong resolve to care for and nurture the most vulnerable and innocent is now leading SISEL to form partnerships and find worthy projects. His philanthropy is both personal and professional. On top of his individual donations to ESF, Tom has pledged to match all donations with his own related contributions. In addition, he has decided that SISEL will also absorb the administrative and overhead costs.

Thanks to Tom's direction, the ESF is working with existing organizations that provide a safe haven for children, wildlife, and environment.

Join us in our resolution to care for and protect those that are the most vulnerable and innocent.